Good Morning ♥

alright-pal1 asked : Your blog is so good!! love it!

Thank you! love for you 

Anonymous asked : 20 facts about you? you're so beautiful gifl

Ok :) 

1-My name is Filipia 

2-I’m 15 years old

3-My favourite color are pink ( and white) 

4-I Love Victoria’s secret

5-I Love Candice

6- I love ice cream ♥

7-I listen pop 

8-I drink a lot of water :D 

9-My favourite pet is cat

10-I love tumblr

11-I have very beautiful body :D ♥

12- My favourite season is summer

13- I’m born in December

14-I love winter too

15-I have over 101 stuffed toys

16- I love long walks

17-My best friend is Eli (Eleonora - I love her so much ♥) 

18-I have THE BEST sister :)

19-I love my family :) 

20-I’m cool :D :D :)

Thank you! :) 

Anonymous asked : Love love love this blog! Forever the best!

OMG , thank you so much ♥ I’m very happy :)

Anonymous asked : Do you know what Candice , her diet and workout is?

Here :)